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If life gives you lemons, hire someone to squeeze them for you

AdVenture Capitalist is a puzzle game, like the simple but addictive Cookie Cutter. You can download it free for PC via Steam, though we’re not sure we should recommend it to you as anyone who starts it just can’t stop. Families, religions and Greenpeace offices have been destroyed because of AdVenture Capitalist.

But first, a play

This conversation could take place in your home after a game of AdVenture Capitalist:

YOUR PARTNER: Hello darling, what have you been playing?

YOU: AdVenture Capitalist

YOUR PARTNER: And what have you been doing in the game?

YOU: I’ve been clicking. Without stopping.

YOUR PARTNER: Did you have to give it much thought?

YOU: I clicked where they said I had to click. And things happened. Wonderful things.

YOUR PARTNER: But what things?

YOU: Miracles. Wonders. Now I understand everything. Everything.

YOUR PARTNER: Darling, you’re starting to frighten me…

YOU: If life gives you lemons, BUY MORE!

AdVenture Capitalist invites you to become a millionaire capitalist. You’ll start with a lemon. With a single click you’ll squeeze it and sell the juice. You’ll invest some of your money in buying more lemons and you’ll make even more profit.

A few more clicks and you’ll buy more lemonade stands. A few more clicks and you’ll hire someone to squeeze the lemons for you. A few more clicks and you’ll buy a pizzeria. A few more clicks and you’ll have bought an oil plant. Just like real life.

That’s it. There’s no more to it. AdVenture Capitalist is always adding new elements to the formula, like the possibility of selling your business to start again with bigger bonuses. But you just click. You don’t even have to think. For goodness’ sake, your businesses will even carry on running all the time you aren’t playing. When you return you’ll be even more of a multimillionaire than before.

Where’s the fun in AdVenture Capitalist? That you can’t stop! It’s like Cookie Cutter: you’ll be hooked. You’ll want more money, more wealth, more people in your charge, more “angels” (investors), more businesses, higher profits...You just can’t stop noticing how your money grows, and grows, and grows...

Capitalism is easy

Practically all the action in AdVenture Capitalist takes place on the operating screen. On it you can see the money that each business is making, how much it would cost you to expand it, the time it takes to complete each action...Its appearance is simple but effective.

You also have secondary screens to hire assistants or check how much of a multimillionaire you are. Its design is as simple as the main screen’s: you’ll find all the information you need at first glance.

In case you haven’t got it by now, in AdVenture Capitalist you just click. Forget the space bar. Stop wondering if the game is compatible with your controllers. Wealth only depends on your left mouse button.

Click here

Do you still doubt how addictive AdVenture Capitalist is? Well, set it to download (it’s only 8 MB in total) and just click once. We challenge you not to click again after that, let’s see if you’ve got what it takes!

P.S.: We suppose that AdVenture Capitalist is hiding a scathing critique of the capitalist system but we don’t have time to explore the matter further. THESE LEMONS WON’T SQUEEZE THEMSELVES! Unless...are you looking for work? We have an offer which may interest you.


  • Realistic
  • Magical
  • Lemons


  • Will wipe out your free time

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AdVenture Capitalist for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • 3.6
  • (114)
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